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If it doesn’t work out, look on the bright side, you will most likely never make the same blunder again. Nevertheless, you may not wish to exercise this so much, only when you think it is necessary. If its something you really have no idea about, you wouldn’t want to ignore the instructions..

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Starting off with the down command we will mold the dog into position, when the dog understands what is required, we can move on to luring the dog into the down position. Finally, we will tell the dog what to do and expect that it will happen. If you have followed the steps, when it come time to expect the behavior, it will be easy for the dog to comply as it already understands what is required..

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Our U13s overcame Clanna Gael Fontenoy with a late goal to win the game. Score at half time was 0 2 apiece, the game eventuall finishing 3 5 to 2 6. We are currently having a sale of our old Erin Go Bragh stock please contact Martin Carroll 086 1563040 for further details..

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